Comment on… UK unemployment lowest for nearly four years

UK jobless total fallsIf you’ve caught the news today, you would’ve seen the headlines about how the number of unemployed people in the UK has fallen during the last quarter.

In the three months to September, the number of jobless people fell by 48,000 while the number of people employed rose by 177,000 – taking the UK unemployment rate to 7.6%, the lowest its been since May 2009, according to the Office for National Statistics.

But what does it mean?

Looking at the implications this has for job seekers, recruiters and the UK economy, these recent findings largely mean positive things.

For UK job seekers, the fact that unemployment has dropped demonstrates two major positives. Firstly, it shows that there are jobs out there thanks to an increase in job creation. The report shows that the majority of newly created jobs are full time. Secondly, the report shows that people are getting employed – so, not only are there more jobs out there, but companies are actively ensuring that their vacancies are being filled.

For recruiters and employers, the findings demonstrate momentum in the job market. While the number of unemployed people is still a large 2.47 million, the fact this number is declining shows that there are active candidates out there.

Looking at the bigger picture, this news is an indication that the UK economy is continuing to recover. What can’t be ignored, though, is that employment levels still haven’t recovered from pre-recession figures. However, the fact that they are rising shows that the employment market is on the mend and that there are more job opportunities out there.

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